GO Running For All

Various Locations

Various Times

FREE to members and guests

Road shoes, Trail shoes

Pace of the Slowest Runner

Generally all distances covered at the pace of the slowest runner so we can all help each other.

All Runs Published on Facebook

All of our runs are published on Facebook.

If You Have Any Questions

If you have any queries and would like to speak to the Cleethorpes Tri Club, please call:

  1. Dave on 07786 300 400

  2. Steve on 07942 800 813

Upcoming Activities

Every Monday at 8:00 pm

Swimming Lessons...

Every Monday at 8:00 pm

Coached GO Swimming...

Wed 4:00pm + Sun 3:00pm

Open Water Swimming...

Every Wednesday at 7:30 pm


Various Dates

GO Running...

Various Dates

GO Cycling...

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