GO Learn to Swim

Havelock School, Holyoake Road, Grimsby DN32 8JH

Every Monday at 8:00 pm

£25.00 for members.


£40.00 for guests.


Coached Swimming

Coached swim sessions on a Monday night at Havelock Academy and delivered by professional and certified coaches.

Learn to Swim Package

We are starting an absolute beginners, 5 week swim course aimed at those who really can't do front crawl at all.

They will run every 5 weeks. Spaces are limited as we can only take 5 people at a time for the course.

The cost is £40 for non members and is payable on the first week.

If You Have Any Questions

If you have any queries and would like to speak to the Cleethorpes Tri Club, please call:

  1. Dave on 07786 300 400

  2. Steve on 07942 800 813

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