2019 Triathlon England Club Relay Championships

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Triathlon Relays Amazing Club Event

Originally started in 1991, this weekend has become legendary in as much as although others have tried to replicate it, the Triathlon Relays is still very unique. In 2016 over 1600 athletes and over 100 different clubs joined in the fun that we call "organised chaos".

What Happens

Each member of the team individually swims 500 metres before tagging their team mate, and so on, and so on, until all four people have completed the swim. Moving onto the 15km bike, each athlete individually completes the 15km bike, until the last team member then tags the first team member to start the 5km run section.

Camping Holiday

This is an amazing club weekend activity. Wether you are taking part or just cheering Cleethorpes Triathlon Club.

Bring friends and family for a great camping weekend holiday. This event is a must.

If You Have Any Questions

If you have any queries regarding the Triathlon England Club Relay Championships, please call:

  1. Mike Hanson on 07414 551 928

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